Boer Goat Congress

The Boer Goat Congress is an opportunity to have a set of judges that breed and raise the meat producing Boer goat in South Africa, as it is all around the world.

Unbiased and not familiar with anyone entered, all breeders have the same opportunity to learn more about the Boer goat from their stock entered.

A Senior South African Judge will lead his team. They will exam the stock and evaluate all entered.

National titles and awards will be given to those that receive top honors.

The Boer Goat Congress begins at 10:00 am, Friday, May 31, 2019. Classic and Colored stock will be evaluated separately in order to provide the most fair evaluations.

$30.00 entry fee applies. Enter online

deadline May 25th

Kalahari Red in America

If you are a breeders of solid red or almost solid red stock, enter the “Kalahari Red” evaluation and see if you have a Kalahari Red in America.

Evaluation May 30, 11:00am

$10.00 entry fee applies. enter online

deadline May 28th

South African Experience

The South African Experience is May 29-31, beginning at 9:00 am each day. Four, two hour segments and the final segment on Friday, May 31, with the final evaluations of the stock entered in the Boer Goat Congress.

The South African Experience is a separate event from the Boer Goat Congress. It is a two full day, intense learning opportunity.

The South African Boer Goat Breeders Association book of standards is included with your paid entry.

hosted by Evie Gates.

Entry fees do apply.

If you enter stock to be evaluated in the Boer Goat Congress, you will save $50.00 on your entry to the SA Experience.

Discounts for students apply.

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