Dairy Goat Shows

2022 Dairy Youth Goat Camp!

Showmanship, Youth Dairy Goat Camp with Shannon Foster Ellis. June 1-3, 2022 CLICK HERE Q & A and General Rules for camp

Youth Dairy Goat Show, scheduled June begins with Showmanship at 5:30 pm, Friday evening, followed by Bucks (junior and senior). Saturday morning, at 8:00 am starts with Senior Does, followed by Junior Does. Make your plans. Book your hotel rooms now, click here. Youth Goat Entries MUST be in the name of the Youth Exhibitor ONLY. No exceptions.

Show Rules: Youth Show ADGA Rules govern for the sanctioned shows.

Parent/Guardian information form

Youth Information Form

Animal Entry Form

Sanctioning for: Junior Does, Senior Does, and Bucks (Junior & Senior).

Sanctioned Breeds: Recorded Grade, Nigerian Dwarf, and AOP. We will pull and pay to sanction all breeds as entries come in.

As entries are received and sanction requirements met, we will sanction those individual breeds prior to the show. (I confirmed this with the ADGA. We will originally sanction for AOP and as the breeds fill, we will pay for the sanctioning of each breed prior to the show). Those that do not meet the sanction criteria will still be grouped as AOP.

All Blue Papers Accepted.


  • Nubian
  • Guernsey
  • Saanen
  • Alpine
  • Sable
  • Oberhasli
  • Nigerian Dwarf
  • Toggenburg
  • Lamancha
  • Recorded Grade

Check the gallery to see who is entering. Keep track of what is needed to help make the Youth Show the best possible show, it can be. Come on out and start a new tradition. It’ll be fun. It’s your time to shine~

The Gallery is Currently Empty. Check back after your enter your stock.

Parent Customer Form

Youth Information Form

Animal Entry Information

You may enter your animals now, and pay later.

Pay for the entries now and then fill in the form information per animal, later on. (example: You may pay for five head and then enter the animal names and classes later on.)

printable forms. Substitutions are free until May 15. May 16-May 30 – $5.00 per head. Animal sub, day of show $10.00. Program will be sent to the printer, so late subs may not be published.


Youth Premier Exhibitor Award

Champion Challenger

Best Udder of Breed

Best Udder in Sr. Show

Best in Show

Herdsman Award


Junior Get of Sire: Three does, not in milk, sired by same buck.

Get of Sire: Three does, any age, at least one in milk, sired by same sire Produce of dam, three does out of the same dam.

Dam and produce: A doe and two daughters.

Best Pair: Any two, selected by exhibitor.

Breeder’s trio: Any three, selected by exhibitor.

Club or Chapter group: Five does owned by at least three members of the same 4-H or FFA club or chapter.

State Herd: Eight animals owned by at least five exhibitors from the same state. This Buttercup Classic is a National Show held in Missouri.

Milking Competitions: Exhibitors milk their own animals: One Award for Fastest/Largest Quantity and One Award for Best Technique. Strictly a speed/quantity competition and the judge will determine which milker uses the best techniques including cleanliness. Judge (TBA)

Youth Shows will begin June 3, 5:30 PM (time subject to change), with Showmanship.

Goats may start to arrive after 4:00 pm May 31, 2022 Please enter your pens prior to checking out: CLICK HERE

Please enter the Showmanship Dairy Youth Goat Camp, it is filling up and limited to 30 youth. Click here.

Pay in the payment portal, click here.

Please enter the Showmanship Dairy Youth Goat Camp, it is filling up and limited to 30 youth. YOUTHGOATCAMP.COM

Exhibitors accept responsibility for:

  1. Care, protection, feeding, and watering of animals at show and en route,
  2. Having animals properly groomed and trained,
  3. Bringing only healthy animals to the show,
  4. Having original and correct registration papers on hand for all show animals,
  5. Using their own proper equipment for care and showing,
  6. Helping with clean up at local show if officials so request
  7. Transporting animals to and from the show.
  8. Having all paperwork in order, including health papers.
  9. Knowing the rules of the show.

This page will continue to be updated until April 1, 2022.

Rules by the ADGA Govern the Rules for show. CLICK HERE Printable schedule and releases.


Dairy Goat stock entered in the sale must meet the criteria set forth.

Consignors Click Here

Consign Your Stock: Click Here

General Sale Information: Click Here

Entry Fee: $15.00 (non refundable)

Commission: 7%

P.O. Fee: 7% Final Bid

All stock will be inspected by a qualified Dairy Goat judge prior to the sale. Stock that does not fit the production aspect for the dairy goat market will not be sold. Judges decision will be final.

Auctioneer: Toby Williamson, Elkton, MO

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