Boer Goat Congress 2021

The evaluation of stock is important for any species and for each breed.


  • ENTER each animal in the Boer Goat Congress and other coloured congresses: CLICK HERE
  • Payment portal for the Boer Goat Congress and other coloured congresses: CLICK HERE
  • General Rules: No grooming products may be applied to the stock evaluated in the arena.
  • Exhibitors/breeders may wash, (shampoo & condition) and clip to their preference. The more natural an animal is the better. Everyone entered should feel comfortable in how their stock is presented. More information: Click Here
  • No private treaty sales on the grounds. Stock selling must be entered in the Midwest Buck Sale on June 6, 2021. Enter online


They are first divided by color.

Boer Goat – Traditional. Solid colored dark head, shades of red, brown, or black, that does not exceed the chest floor and wither. Spots not to exceed 20 cm, collectively on the body. White on face and head is allowed

Body is defined as anything above the knees and hocks, between the rump/tail, and withers, behind elbow.

Kalahari Red – Solid Red Boer Goat with little to no white on the body.

Black – Solid Black Boer Goat with little to no white on the body

Dapple – Dapple Boer Goat. Any type of spot pattern throughout the body. This does include paints.

Chroma Goat – Paint Boer Goat. That is any color coat that has the paint pattern.

Savanna – Savanna by the SA standard. The South African standard for the Savanna will be used. This is a phenotype event. Registered and unregistered may participate.

Composite Stock – Any color coat stock that is a percentage and does not look like a “Boer Goat” in body style and phenotype. All colors are evaluated by age and in the same category together.

Please do not assume your stock will not qualify or be pheno-typically correct, they generally are. We are happy to help be sure your stock is in the correct category.

Supreme National Champion Buck and Doe. Best set of 3 Yearling Does. Best Dam & Kids

As each breeder enters, their information shows up here

Farms/Ranches Entered

GROOMING: Grooming is limited to washing, drying, and clipping.

No product, other than simple spray oil on the horns and hooves, is allowed. Fly spray is allowed. No other chemicals are allowed.

No adhesives, baby powder, no external products other than mentioned above on horns and hooves.

We appreciate everyone participation in this rule for the Boer Goat Congress.

CLASSES: Classes are divided by sex and then tooth rule and weight.

MILK TOOTH: All baby teeth are in place. No primaries have erupted.

All entries are weighed. Classes will be grouped and divided, not to exceed a minimum of 10 pounds and a maximum of 20 pounds.

YEARLING: First two permanent teeth will be erupted.

Entries will be weighed and not exceed 50 pounds difference for class.

TWO YEAR OLD: Four permanent adult teeth will be visible, or erupting in the correct order. Does must have kidded by this time or exhibit being in production by carrying at the time of the evaluation. Sonograms are not admissible. Visual inspection and determination by the judge is final.

SENIOR: Six tooth and older. Does must be in productive and show signs of kidding.

Yearling Does: Set of Three Object is to have three yearling does that are consistent and best represent the breed. Each Congress colour has an award. Then there is a Supreme Champion set for the overall national title. The breeder may offer their yearling does for sale in the Midwest Buck Sale, June 6, 2021.

  • One entry fee of $15.00 for the class. Enter online Click Here
  • Must be penned together through the event.
  • One entry fee: $15.00 for the sale.
  • If selling, they will sell three X (times) the money and the 7% commission is charged as it would be on any other entry.
  • They enter the arena to sell together and sell together.

Best Doe & Kid(s) Any age Doe with kid(s) still obviously nursing on the does side. Age limit on age for the kid is 3 months (90 days). Kids will have to be weighed after check in.

All general Boer Goat standards apply. Check the South African Standards for the Boer Goat and The American Boer Goat Association. Please email the Meat Goat Society with any questions:

Please join the Facebook group for the Midwest Buck Sale.

Stock are evaluated loose. The judges do not know who owns the stock. Handlers are provided in the arena and breeders watch from the sidelines.

This is a fun and exciting way to have stock evaluated. It is judging, just like any other show, with a twist.

National titles and awards for the winners. Come have some fun.

Stock may arrive Thursday, June 3, after 3:00 pm. If attending earlier, please include a $5.00 pen fee. Stock not entered in the Midwest Buck Sale, Sale June 6, may leave Saturday evening after the show.

Health papers are required from the state of origin, even if originating from Missouri. USDA will be on premise.



Each exhibitor, attendee, consignor, or vendor will be solely responsible for any consequential loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article exhibited or for sale by him, and shall hold harmless Midwest Buck Sale, LLC, against any and all liability in regard thereto. Midwest Buck Sale, LLC will take reasonable care to insure the safety of exhibits and property, but the owner must take the risk of exhibiting. In no case will Midwest Buck Sale, LLC be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to property or persons while on the Missouri State fairgrounds, or at any other time or place, nor be liable or required to make any payment for damage, loss or injury. All that enter any event or sign up for anything related to the Midwest Buck Sale, agree: “I have read the contract and agree to abide by all Midwest Buck Sale rules and regulations as witnessed by entering the events June 2-6, 2021.

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