Fit Like a Pro

2022 Instructor: Brenda Larner
Learn to fit like a Pro with Brenda Larner
Brenda Larner returns in 2022, clinic date: June 2, 2022 10:00 am

Few Boer goat breeders can boast the lifetime of livestock experience as Brenda Larner of Weatherford, Texas. With a practiced, keen eye for sound structure and a head for excellent genetics, Brenda has made a name for herself as one of the premiere breeders, exhibitors, and fitters of the meat goat breed that took this country by storm as recently as 1993. 

With the new goat breed just beginning to be introduced in Texas, Brenda began her career by guiding her young son, Kyran through showing market wethers and percentage does at junior livestock competitions, summer jackpots, and eventually the major stock shows each year, the same kind of circuits she traveled as a young girl with her father, Charlie Perkins and his champion Hereford cattle. As Kyran went on to success and eventually earned his ABGA judge’s credentials, Brenda knew that she would always help young people in the industry, a promise she has kept throughout the years. As a result of her commitment, many successful goat breeders, exhibitors, and even a few agriculture teachers around the state count Brenda as one of their early mentors in a livestock industry that can be unforgiving to newcomers.  

In 2000, Brenda met James Agnew, a local rancher who had just gotten a start in the Boer goat business. Within a year they formed Agnew Boers and began breeding, raising, exhibiting and selling full blood and percentage Boar goat show and seed stock.

In 2000, Brenda met James Agnew, a local rancher who had just gotten a start in the Boer goat business. Within a year they formed Agnew Boers and began breeding, raising, exhibiting and selling full blood and percentage Boar goat show and seed stock.

After their first national reserve champion percentage doe,Walking K Lotta in 2000, the years delivered countless championships and national honors to the new partners. Among the multiple champions for which the duo get credit are the legendary names of full blood doe BBR Adoeable and percentage doe Agnew’s Bo Lilly. Both spectacular does still hold the records of highest points accumulated by any ABGA doe, and their names can be found on many pedigrees still in production today. 

Along with her extensive knowledge of South African Boer goat genetics, Brenda became an ABGA judge in 2003, and an accomplished fitter and handler in the show pen, prepping and then showing the goats of the Agnew Boers brand to champion drive line-ups around the country. This came to a terrible end in 2005, however after a partnership deal on a shared embryo transfer with two other breeders went sour, creating a board of directors’ action which culminated in the expulsion of Agnew Boers from the ABGA. No effort was made by the ABGA to allow James and Brenda an opportunity to clear their name. Digging into what they knew to be the truth of the matter, the pair stayed true and transparent to their customers and continued to offer help to newcomers and especially, youth exhibitors, from Maine to California. They also continued to breed the best Boer goats in the country. 

Today, Brenda maintains a small herd of full blood and percentage does with her grandson Knox, all of which represent the best of the Agnew Boers bloodlines. The devastating loss of James in December 2020 from Covid struck a deep blow to her heart, but she remains dedicated to helping others, raising the best goats in the country, and continuing to promote and share the legacy of excellence she and James pursued every day. 

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