Important updates and Information

All speakers during the week are free to those that want to learn more about raising meat goats.


The South African Experience is the only speaking event with a fee, and the Junior SA Boer Goat Breeders Association exam at the end of the week. Please see the store shopping cart to enter and fees.

Important updates and information about this years events and speakers.

As the inaugural year event for the Midwest Buck Sale draws near, we find a bump in the road. Due to the nature of the “sale” and it being public, the requirements are to be licensed, bonded, and listed with the Packers & Stockyards Division, USDA.

This year, I obtained my listing with Packers & Stockyards Division, and the bond need to have the auction portion. The one requirement I could not fulfill was the license in Missouri because I was not able to get a commitment from a veterinarian in Missouri, to attend and sign off on health papers. I strive to work within the laws and requirements that are requested of me. Without a license, there is no auction for the sale. It is a challenge I will overcome. I am sure a veterinarian in the area will realize what I am attempting to do and find value in it, along with all the others that are coming to speak, judge, and participate, without the auction portion. I will either change the format to a invite only sale, or hopefully have a veterinarian commit to the sale for 2020.

For those that purchase stock from breeders at the sale, a list of veterinarians will be provided where you may take the stock to receive a updated health certificate.

2020 is already in the works and another attempt to bring the meat goat world together in a productive capacity. Business minded breeders will share ideas and work together to improve the productiveness of the stock they raise, share ideas, and genetics.

This year will primarily be focused about learning. The speakers we have coming are professionals in their field of expertise and the Midwest Buck Sale is excited to have each and every one of them.

The list is full of individuals I admire and have either heard speak at a symposium, or are someone that was recommended to me.

The vendors will speak about their products. Some are not on the list, but their logo is on the flyer.

Most speakers will have handouts. Please RSVP if you are coming for the speaking events, so handouts will be available for all. Click here Free Speaking Event.

All speakers are free during the day, except the South African Experience. Prices for that are listed on the website: South African Experience

I look forward to meeting everyone that has reached out in a positive manner, and appreciate all the support from those within the industry.


Evie Gates


The program for the South African Experience is the same program for the first portion of the Junior Certification in the South African Boer Goat Association. If you are attending the South African Experience, with the three South African Judges, and would like to see if you have can pass the Junior South African exam, you may take the Junior exam on Friday afternoon. The cost is $65.00 per person. A verbal and written test is required. Your exam will be graded and approved in South Africa, by their association, and if you pass, the certificate will come from South Africa. Your fee to take the test covers the mailing costs of your certificate from the association. Click here to enter to take the test.

There will be another Junior certification later on in the year, then the Senior exams. It takes passing a junior course and a Senior course twice, then a final exam. The final judging course must be done in South Africa within their association. After passing all of that, you may be honored to be invited to be a South African judge.

This year is only the beginning. It is a long term goal for many breeders to grow and learn more about the Boer goat. This is that opportunity. Everyone that would like to learn from the South African judges team is welcome. Enter online and by April 30th. The standard books from the South African Boer Goat Association will be provided to all that enter prior to April 30th. Books will be available for sale for $10.00 at the event and if shipping is required, add $4.99 for shipping.

Everyone in attendance will receive a special note book commemorating the South African Experience. They will be ordered by the number of entrants. There won’t be any extra, so enter early.


The Savanna Special Event is all about the Savanna breed of meat goat, whether they are from South Africa, or the American version.

The production aspects of the stock are fantastic in a market where the largest meat goats find them struggling in survival and productivity.

This is an all inclusive event, where anyone from any herd-book or registry may come together to enjoy a learning opportunity to better their genetics, and/or learn more about the health and welfare of their stock, by listening to the speakers booked for Wednesday, May 29th, from 9:00 am until about 3:00 pm, and finishing off the day with a Goat Burger Buffet.

Thank you to Luton Meat Goat, American Savanna Herd-Book, and Brian Payne, North American Savanna Association. Without your sponsorship, kindness, and dedication to the Savanna breed, the day would not be possible.

American Savanna Registry

North American Savannah Association

Luton Meat Goat Company

Brookside Acres

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