BORN 10 June, ‘28; Covington, TX

Current Address: 5461 Hilliard Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666   512-392-4123,

EDUCATION: B.S., Oklahoma State University, Dairy Manufacturing, 1950; M.S., Texas A & M College, Dairy Technology, 1955; PhD, TAMU, Dairy Cattle Production, 1967 (concentrations in Nutrition and Reproduction, minor in Agricultural Economics and Sociology.


Private Consultant in Goat Management and Marketing, 1994/present; owned/managed a meat goat herd of commercial/purebred breeding females; provide advisory and brokerage services to breeders; perform consultancies as arranged. Sold herd in ’04 due to family health responsibilities. Currently writer for Goat Rancher (and, lately, Boer Goat) magazines doing monthly q/a column and stand-alone articles on topics as assigned, since March 2005.

State Extension Program Specialist-Goats (dairy, Angora, meat), 1983/1993, Langston University, OK.

Director, 1977/l983, International Dairy Goat Research Center, Prairie View A & M University, TX

Professor of Animal Science, 1975/l977, Morehead State University, KY

Asian Director, U.S. Feed Grains Council, USDA Cooperator, l973/1975, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Poland

Director, State Feed Control Service: University of KY, 1972/73.

Assoc. Prof., Animal Science: University of Kentucky-Thailand USAID, Scientist/Administrator, 1968-72.

Asst. Prof., Animal Science: Southwest TX State University, 1956/67.

Dairy Plant Manager: Texas A&M University, 1954/55.


U.S. Feed Grains Council, Dairy Beef Production, Japan, 1972. 

Rockefeller Foundation, University Animal Science Teaching/Research Needs, Gadjamada University, Indonesia, 1972.

Overseas Development Corporation, Intensive Beef Cattle Project, Seoul, Korea, 1973.

Ministry of Agriculture, Warsaw, Poland, Model Feedlot Design and Operation, 1974.

Overseas Development Corporation, Beef Cattle Production Feasibility Study, Mindanao, Philappines, 1974.

Gershman, Inc. NYC.  Intensive Beef Cattle Production Potential, Taiwan, 1974.

F&I Enterprises, Los Angeles. Beef Cattle Sales Potential, Taiwan, l974

U.S. Feed Grains Council, Washington, D.C. Potential for Marketing Feed Grains in Mid-East (Syria, Iran) and Africa (Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt) l977.

Food and Agriculture Organization-Rome/Santiago, Chile. Small Ruminant Production Potential in 10 Caribbean Nations, 1983.

Pavia-Brynes Engineering Co., New Orleans, Pre-feasibility Study for Dairy Goat/Dairy Cattle Production, North Yemen, l984.

FAO/Rome/Barbados: Goat/Sheep Production Demonstration, St. Lucia, 1986,

FAO/Rome/Santiago, Chile: Training Course in Goat Milk and Meat Production, Jamaica, 1986.

FAO/Rome/Santiago, Chile: Integrating Small Animal Production into Caribbean Rural School Curricula, St. Vincent and Grenada, l987.

USDA/SCS/RCD; Feasibility Study of Angora Goat Production Potential, Grove Hill, AL, 1988

Presbyterian Church, USA: Self-development for People Program, NYC; Angora goat demonstration project, Pine Hill, AL, 1988/89.

Virginia State University, Petersburg: Protocol for Establishing Meat Goat Research and Extension Programs, l989.

USDA/SCS/RCD/Rural Development Project/Angora Goat Demonstration: AL. 1989/90.

USDA/FORESTRY SERVICE, Atlanta: Feasibility Study/Demonstration Project of Forest Under-Story Control Using Goats, Burnsville, NC, 1991-3.

ESCO Enterprises, NYC: Feasibility Study for Goat Kid Production in VA, l992.

Virginia State University, Petersburg: Planning/Implementation Strategies for Meat Goat Program, l993/94.

Dowell Enterprises, Austin, TX: Develop/Implement Long-Term Tennessee Meat Goat Breeding Program, 1993/94.

Mid-Carolina Council of Governments, Fayetteville; Feasibility Study: Goat Meat Production and Marketing in NC, 1993/94.

Landcorp Boer Goats, Inc., New Zealand: Goat Marketing Strategies, U.S. and Canada, l993/4.

USDA/AMS/NY Dept. of Agriculture: Meat Goat Marketing Potential in New York City, 1994/95.

Southern Development Foundation, Lafayette: Feasibility Study for Slaughter Plant/ Meat Goat Supply and Demand in LA, 1995.

USDA/AMS/LA Dept. of Agriculture, Baton Rouge: Development of Branded Product Specifications for Merchandising Certified Goat Meat, 1996/7.

Alcorn State University, School of Agriculture, MS: Development of a State-wide Extension Program in Meat Goat Production and Marketing, 1996.

USDA/AMS/LA Dept. of Agriculture, Baton Rouge: Development of Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications for Goat Meat including live and carcass grading standards, 1997/99.

Prairie View A&M University, CARC; provided assistance in planning/implementation/analysis of three research projects concerning goat production and marketing with associated carcass work, 1999/200l.

Rocky Mountain Meat Goat Association/Halal Packing Co., Chicago: Procurement of Slaughter Goat Supply for the Chicago Area, 2008.

Smoke Ridge Farm, Choteau, MT. Program Planning and Implementation for Meat Goat Training Seminar, Indianapolis, IN, 2010.

Mincey Farms, Cummins, GA. Management and Marketing of Imported Savanna Goats, 2011.

J. Danielson, Curd-and-Whey Goat Dairy/Cheese Manufacturer. Herd Management and Product Marketing, Cedarville, CA 2012.

Indian Territory Farm, Comanche, OK: Advisor for imported Savannah goat enterprise (nutrition, reproduction, breeding, merchandizing), 2013.

3-D Goat Ranch, Harper, TX, Technical advisor/marketer, 1999/present.


U. S. Forest Service/Bureau of Land Management. Goat Grazing Management for Understory Vegetative Control, AL, AR, OK (2), NC, 1989/93.


Scientific journal articles: Ruminant Nutrition and Milk Technology: 10

Extension Fact Sheets/Technical Bulletins: Angora, Dairy and Meat Goats: 17

Popular Periodicals: Meat Goat Production, Marketing, Carcass Characteristics: 41

Monthly question/answer column, The Goat Rancher Magazine, 2005-present; Semi-monthly column, Boer Goat Magazine:  2014-present.

Book: A Compilation of the Wit and Wisdom of the Goat Man, Goat Rancher Magazine, Publisher, 2010.


Goat producer training sessions (national, state, and international): Angora, Dairy and Meat Goat Management, Marketing, Carcass Characteristics, and Cookery: 120; last 6 done in 2015.

References on request

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