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This online gallery will updated as breeders add their stock, up until sale time.

Printable catalog: coming soon
Watch the Sale LIVE: June 4, 4:00 pm.
Preview Bidding Online: Coming Soon.
No Apps to download, easy sign up and bid.
Call in to proxy bid: June 4, 4:00 pm
  • Call to bid: Main number 918-323-5550
  • Courtney Norman: 334-657-1409
  • Preston Nelly: 210-859-4470
  • Wes Autry: 731-549-0210
  • Evie Gates: 918-944-3066
  • Auctioneer: Toby Williamson, 417 777-1843


Customer Information Form

Consign Stock Form


Each exhibitor, attendee, consignor, or vendor will be solely responsible for any consequential loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article exhibited or for sale by him, and shall hold harmless Midwest Buck Sale, LLC, against any and all liability in regard thereto. Midwest Buck Sale, LLC will take reasonable care to insure the safety of exhibits and property, but the owner must take the risk of exhibiting. In no case will Midwest Buck Sale, LLC be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to property or persons while on the Missouri State fairgrounds, or at any other time or place, nor be liable or required to make any payment for damage, loss or injury. All that enter any event or sign up for anything related to the Midwest Buck Sale, agree: “I have read the contract and agree to abide by all Midwest Buck Sale rules and regulations as witnessed by entering the events June 1-4, 2022.

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