Youth Camp 2021

Youth Goat Camp: June 2 – 4, 2021


During 2020 with the “pandemic” we thought it was important to have the Youth Goat Camp. Terry Burks and wonderful wife Alison, traveled all the way to give the goat camp youth a learning experience that will stay with them.

At the end of the two day goat camp the youth made some life long friendships and learned how to select, prepare, and present their market goat stock.  It was great.  So great that we asked Terry to come back in 2021 and asked if he could extend the camp to three days instead of two?  He said, “Yes.”  Every child will receive a booklet from Terry Burks, along with a personalized note book and t shirt.

Educator: Terry Burks – Bio

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Our dates are June 2-4th, 2021.  Location: Sedalia, Missouri, Swine Pavilion.

More information can be found on the information page.

Each entry paid goes to the Missouri State Fair Foundation, earmarked for the new goat pavilion on the state fairgrounds.  Essentially, your child makes a donation to the grounds for a facility they will get to use in the future.  Terry Burks is generous and has waved his fees so we may donate 100% of the entries paid.  We are looking forward to 2021.  Enter the Youth Goat Camp. FULL

Youth Goat Camp 2021 is a three day event and includes a final Showmanship competition.  Prizes and awards are given for each of three divisions, Senior, Intermediate, and Junior.  Ages are in line with 4-H regulation and determined by January 1, 2021

Please be sure to include your child’s size T shirt for what you feel it will be in June 2021, the correct spelling of their name, and age on June 1, 2021.  Add this info in the notes during your entry.

We look forward to seeing you and your youth at the event in Sedalia, Missouri, June 2-4th 2021.

Attendees and Exhibitors may come in Monday evening, June 1, 2021 after 4:00 PM.

Each child may bring up to two head.  Stock must have milk teeth in place. Wether or Doe kid. No Bucks.

No physical permanent alteration of the animal. Other than disbudding/dehorning/castration/banding.

Wethers must be castrated or banded. Scrotum skin may still be attached at time of the event, as long as the band is visible.

Nothing under the skin.

No drugs.

All stock must have a scrapie tag in the ear.  Out of state stock must have health certificate from their residing state veterinarian.

  • Arrival: June 1, 2021, after 4:00pm to 8:00 pm Check in before unloading for assigned stalls.
  • Camp: June 2 – 4, 2021, 9:00am each day ending about 3:30pm each day
  • June 2, after dinner activities in learning.
  • Departure: June 4, 2021, by 10:00pm
  • Entry: $75.00
  • Entrants may be Ages 8-21.

Anyone, from any state, may attend.  This is open to the youth of the world. Please bring one goat and your stand/equipment. Each entrant may bring up to two goats. All stock must have milk teeth and not be physically altered other than disbud and banded.

Class on fitting legs: Free (date to be determined)

All proceeds go to the Missouri State Fair Foundation, earmarked for the new Goat Pavilion fund on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

We will not be able to accept late entries. No refunds. 

If the MBS cancels the event, we will refund entry money.  If the entrant cannot attend, there are no refunds.

Entry day of camp is NOT AVAILABLE
Final Showmanship Event for all Attendees.



Commemorative note book will be given to each entrant.


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