The goat industry is growing and the demand for quality production stock has grown exponentially.  Many people purchase stock not really knowing what to buy or lack experience in animal husbandry when getting started.  The industry needs one event where meat goat producers may come together to discuss the ideas and needs of the industry.

The Meat Goat Society presents an annual national premier event where
goat breeders may exhibit, compare stock, and share ideas.

This event is easily accessed from anywhere across the Nation. The Missouri State Fairgrounds is a historic facility that is in a central location for the United States.

At this time, the USA has a much larger demand for goat meat than is readily available for consumption.  Goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world.  The United States imports the largest portion of what is consumed by the population.  If meat goat breeders have the opportunity to come together, once a year, to discuss events, ideas, and the needs of the industry, then a more consistent and productive product may be achieved.

  • Strengthen and enhance the production and marketing of goats and goat products in the United States through the improvement of infrastructure, business, resource development and the development of innovative approaches to solve long term problems.
  • Provide leadership training and education to industry stakeholders.
  • Assist all segments of the industry in addressing sustainable production and marketing of goats and goat products.
  • Promote marketing of goats and goat products through an organized method that can measure tangible results.
  • Enhance the goat industry by coordinating information exchange and seeking mutual understanding and marketing within the industry community.

Event week is June 2 – 6th, 2021

Speakers and learning opportunities are June 2-4. June 5th is the Boer Goat Congress 2021 and all other colour congresses.  June 6 is sale day, beginning at 9:00am

We are adding Dairy Goat breeds to the Midwest Buck Sale also. There will be shows June 4-6, 2021, milk tests and speakers specific to the dairy aspects in the goat industry.  You will want to be there.

The week will be filled with speakers on topics, such as, parasites, hoof trimming, rib eye sonogram, reproduction, proper feeding and nutrition, fencing, pasture management and so much more.  For 2021 we have added an AI clinic, so get ready to AI some of your does. There will also be an opportunity to learn how to market your farm and coop with others across the country.

There is a host of vendors and professionals that will be there to help breeders on their way to success in raising dairy, fiber, and meat goats for the consumer market.  Anything a goat produces is part of the consumer market.  There is something for everyone in the goat industry during the week.  We hope to see you there.

This is about building the goat community and bringing the production breeders together, to create a strong market for the goat industry as a whole.  Pricing, selling, producing, getting stock to market, and health care are all strong topics to be discussed at the daily round tale in the afternoons at 4:00 pm.

Some special things are in the works for a Friday night dinner.

Anyone may participate and attend.  All are welcome.


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