Get ready for Goat Expo 2024

We have so many wonderful and exciting things going on for Goat Expo.

Master Schedule: Schedule Subject To Change, and will be updated until Event date.

Enter Events online: midwestbucksale.com/store/

Questions: EMAIL More information: GoatExpo.com

We have been working hard on building the Trade Show with vendors from all over the USA, plus provide a place for those that are Value Added Vendors.

Demo and speakers in the FFA building May 31-June 1, 9am-2pm daily. If you would like to demo, please email us with your information and demo topic. The list of topics is below.

If you create products from what you grow and raise, we want to celebrate your business.

  • Vendor Forms – Fill-able online, save & email to midwestbucksale@gmail.com
  • Vendor Forms – Printable and mail in to PO Box 331, Vinita, OK 74301

Select where you’d like to set up

  • Swine Pavilion (grass or under pavilion)
  • Sheep Pavilion (grass)
  • FFA Building

Shows and Evaluations

Shows and stock evaluations are very important. We offer the standard sanctioned shows for specific breeds. There is also an opportunity to have a breeder stock evaluated in a different way, while the judges explain the reasons why. The Boer Goat Congress is this type of evaluation of the Boer goat, with the breeder setting in the bleachers, as the judges inspect and discuss the stock as a group.

This is an exciting time in the goat industry. Our goal is to offer the experiences that help expand the minds and talents of those that want to see the industry grow and come together.

Our esteemed judges for 2024

  • Anton Ward
  • Roger McSwain
  • Kathy Daves

Premier Industry Event

This is a premier industry event. It takes many people to create something that is beneficial to the whole. Those interested in the betterment of the Boer goat in America, work hard to teach others. We are humbled and grateful for all of those in the industry that have worked with us to make this event possible. (Saying, “Thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient).

Thank you to all that work hard for everyone to experience this learning opportunity.

Enter online

Deadline to enter: May 25th, 2024

Entry Fee: $25. per head

Your stock does not have to be registered to enter this event.

This is a phenotype selection process for the Boer goat divided by colour coat.

National Titles and Awards

Special Classes: Doe & Kid(s) and Three Yearling Does

Supreme Champion Buckles, Banner and Ribbons

Boer Goat Course

The Boer Goat Course is an opportunity for breeders to learn more about the selection of the Boer goat by phenotype.

We all agree that selection is important. This is the opportunity to learn bout goat selection as it is done in South Africa, by South African breeders. Applying the principles in a simplistic form, allows a breeder to see their herd in an overall condition. Breed characteristics are discussed with hands on demonstrations, with the instructors. This is a small group and questions are encouraged as stock is selected and discussed. This is a wonderful opportunity you do not want to miss.

Questions, please contact: Rico Zaldivar – (636) 359-1155

  • May 29 & 30th
  • Limited to 15. $150 per person.
  • Swine Pavilion

Included in your entry:

  • Work Book
  • Lunch
  • Morning Coffee & Snacks

So much more

Head on over to goatexpo.com for more details.

Market Shows

  • Wether-Rama
  • Anything Does

Dairy Youth Fun Show

  • Dairy Wether National Grand Champions
  • Junior and Senior Does

Breed Shows

  • ABGA sanctioned shows-2 concurrent (maybe more)
  • JABGA sanctioned shows-2 concurrent
  • Myotonic sancted shows (3 shows total)

Courses and Camps

  • Goat Producers Course – Lincoln University
  • Youth Goat Camps, Market & Dairy
  • Boer Goat Course

Midwest Buck Sale June 1, Sheep Pavilion, 1 pm

Meet & Greet – Thursday Evening 5-7pm Swine Pavilion

Speakers every day on the house.

Demos in the FFA building.

Great Food, breakfast lunch and early dinner at MC’s on the grounds.

Youth Games and activities.

Don’t forget to enter the Cornhole Tournament when you arrive! This is a fun and exciting set of games. Championship is progressive. We also have a youth game winner take all, every evening May 29-May 31. Sign up each day in person.

  • Goat care essentials
  • Premium goat feed
  • Goat grooming supplies
  • Goat health products
  • Best goat breeds for [specific purpose or region]
  • Goat breeding tips
  • Quality goat fencing solutions
  • Sustainable goat farming practices
  • Organic goat feed options
  • Natural goat supplements
  • Goat milk products
  • Goat cheese making supplies
  • Goat farming equipment
  • Goat housing ideas
  • Goat enrichment toys and tools
  • Goat health monitoring systems
  • Goat reproduction management
  • Goat kidding assistance
  • Goat behavior and training techniques
  • Goat showmanship

Questions: EMAIL More information: GoatExpo.com

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