Hoof Trimming

Sign up and learn about hoof trimming for the farm and show arena. June 3, 2:00 pm CLICK HERE

with Elise Gallet de St. Aurin from Bio Genics and Ag World Int’l:

Elise has been in the goat industry for over 11 years. Interned at a goat dairy during her undergraduate college studies. She graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. She then continued on at ISU to get a Masters Degree in Agricultural Education concentrating on educational needs of goat producers in the mid-west. Elise started her own hoof trimming and farm consultation business in 2014 and has traveled to different parts of the US to trim hooves and help people improve their goat herds. In her personal life Elise has gone through many types and breeds of goats. She has owned dairy goats, Boer, Savanna, but has settled on Myotonic (fainters). She also raises Katahdin sheep, a breed of hair sheep.

The short course and demonstration concentrate on proper hoof care for the farm and show ring. This will include a mini skeletal structure lesson and explains the importance of hoof care in regards to rate of gain, milk production, breeding, etc. Elise will be available to trim hooves onsite from June 2-5, sign up, click here. Call Elise at: (319) 929-5201 Contact through the website: CLICK HERE

Elise will be available through the week to trim hooves. Prices will be $10 for utility trims (farm trims) and $15 for corrective/show trims. To sign up ahead of time, CLICK HERE. Your information will be emailed to Elise at Bio Genics and she will email you back to confirm. Payment is made at the time of service. Call Elise at: (319) 929-5201

Contact website CLICK HERE

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