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Dr. Homero Salinas-Gonzalez

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State Extension and Research Specialist – Small Ruminant



Dr. Homero Salinas-Gonzalez is Assistant Professor and State Extension-Research Specialist on Small Ruminant at Lincoln University. With a Doctor of Animal Science in Autonomous University Nuevo Leon, and Dairy Science Master degree in The Penn State University.

Dr. Salinas will speak on June 3 & 4. Topics include ‘Why dairy goats are a good option’, pasture management, and parasites, FAMACHA scores. We welcome Dr. Salinas, Lincoln University and their educators to help improve the outreach for knowledge in the goat community. Special thank you to Dr. Salinas and the university for the support in providing learning opportunities.

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June 3 11:00 AM Dairy, is it a Good Option?

Milk Goat Production and Dairy Products Talk

Nutrient Comparison of Goat Milk, Cow Milk, and Human Milk

Goat’s milk contains A2-casein, which does not represent any problem in digestion and other inflammation disruptions.

Value-added products, organic vs conventional products.

June 4 11:00 AM FAMACHA course and certification

20 minute talk and remainder of time is hands on inspection and comparison.

$15.00 per FAMACHA card, cash paid to Lincoln University, Dr. Salinas.

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June 4 1:00 PM Pasture Management Course

Pasture Management Talk

Main warm and cold season grasses and benefits of grazing small ruminants

Stocking rate for small ruminants.

Understanding Nutritive Values CP%, NDF% ADF% NDT% and how to calculate the Relative Feed Value (RFV) of a forage.

General Considerations to select grazing method to prevent parasites infection in small ruminants.

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