Evaluation vs Show

One of the first thing production people say is, “I don’t show my goats, that’s not what we do.”

I can’t say I blame you.

In an industry that is divided between those that want back yard ornaments or meat for the masses, pick a breed, the people are divided. Not only because the desire to breed a “goat” is different, but because of “personalities”. That’s okay.

I think people may be able to set those things aside and come together for a good cause? One reason is to better the meat goat industry as a whole.

The goat industry as a whole suffers with a substandard amount of attention to all things goat.

Veterinarians do not like to prescribe products that are off label.

How do we get products labeled properly for goats? It would have to be worth while for the manufacturers. One event, once a year, one location, multiple breeds. Speakers are being scheduled to discuss everything from proper fencing and housing to, ‘how to properly care for the buck’.

Sedalia, Missouri is the same location as the infamous Midwest Stud Ram Sale held in July. We are not affiliated with one another. But, we did think this was a fantastic model and used something similar for the meat goat breeds. It is time to build the platform for the meat goat. The industry may find ways to come together to make it better for everyone? Speakers on various topics that involve and concern the production aspects of the industry are scheduled through the week.

Each set of breed events are for an evaluation by a professional in that breeds industry, or a “judge” that is qualified to sort the breeding stock according to the standards and characteristics of the breed. Production data provided will also be used to determine the top stock and be awarded for the accomplishments the breeder has made.

Stock may be washed and lightly groomed, but the more natural they are, the better. Alleys and gates will be set up so stock may be run into pens. Stock will not be led into the arena. All are in an alley, inspected at the gate and let into the arena loose to be evaluated and scored. Then stock is categorized as a “stud”, “commercial”, or “cull”. Culls do not sell. Commercial stock are sorted for the sale and the stud quality stock is evaluated for the Champion awards and sale order.

This is an opportunity to be recognized for the data and quality of your production stock and then sell it to other breeders in the industry that want to increase the quality of their herds. The meat goat industry deserves the opportunity to organize and support the common goals, together.

Entering is easy and can be done online. You are entering to have your breeding stock evaluated. All of the events stock entered are required to sell except for the two year old and above in the Boer Goat Congress. The three day ‘breed standard, buck and doe evaluation, will cover the ‘why’ of the Boer goat as it was developed in South Africa. Color will not matter, although the classic/traditional and colored Boers are separated for evaluation. This is a fantastic opportunity for every Boer goat breeder in America to learn more about the stock they are raising. Discounts apply to those who enter stock to be evaluated on Friday. Milk tooth and yearling Boer stock must sell. All other ages have an option to sell.

This is not a “show”, these events are geared toward each breed in a production atmosphere. If you are involved in that aspect of the industry, then this event is for you to advertise your production replacement stock.

If you are interested in the preservation of the breed you are invested in, then support our fellow breeders. Get your group together and come have some fellowship, fun, teach others what you know, and maybe learn something new.

Select the number of pens for your stock and if you’d like to pre-purchase your shavings.

Once you have completed all of the sections, check out.

You will create an account. Please pay online through the secure check out.

Prior to April 30, 2019, you will receive an email to identify the stock entered in the breed evaluation. Those animals will be placed in the catalog under the breeders name.

Make plans to attend.

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