Boer Goat Congress

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Boer Goat Congress

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Boer Goat Congress
Boer Goat Congress

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Boer Goat Congress

USD $15.00
In 2021 our esteemed judges are John and Jackie Edwards of EGGS in Stephenville, Texas.  Both John and Jackie are American Boer Goat Association judges and have been one of the most influential breeders in the American Boer Goat industry, for many years.  We feel honored to have them join us in June 2021 to evaluate the Boer goat stock in the Boer Goat Congress and all other coloured Congresses.

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Learning more about the Boer Goat, regardless of colour coat, is important to improve the quality of your herd.  The Boer Goat Congress is a opportunity for breeders to have their stock evaluated by qualified judges.

The stock is separated by coat colour, then by sex, then by age, with all milk tooth stock being weighed and grouped within 10 pounds.  This way breeders may see stock that is comparative in age.  Please classify your animal by the tooth rules.

Stock may be registered and unregistered.  Please follow the guidelines for entry.

Please select a color category for your entry.

Entry fee is $15.00 per head. 

One entry constitutes one animal, buck or doe.  Doe with kid on side is one entry and a pen of three yearling does is also one entry.

All Boer goat stock sold on June 6th, 2021 must be entered in the evaluation Boer Goat Congress, to sell on Sunday. click here.

For those that would like to enter the Boer Goat Course and learn selection, during the week, please sign up for that also. click here.

Please reserve your hotel room as soon as possible. click here

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